Simple maintenance for Spring-ready windows

The elements can have a big effect on your windows, particularly over the winter months where wind and rain can take their toll. However even if your frames and glazing are looking a little worse for wear following a cold and wet winter, the good news is that a little maintenance will go a long way. Read on for our top tips to maintain and repair your windows to ensure they’re in tip-top condition.

Add some sparkle


More often than not, a simple spruce up of the glazed panels will transform your windows from drab to fab. Start by removing any build-up of dirt around the window corners and window sill with a dust-pan brush or toothbrush for any tricky corners.

Follow this by cleaning the panels with a sponge and warm soapy water solution, making sure you gently wipe down both the glazing, surrounding frame and windowsill. A simple solution of water and washing up liquid will do, however try to keep foam to a minimum to avoid unnecessary mess. If you opt for a stronger cleaning solution, then be careful to avoid surrounding areas, as this may damage any paintwork.

For a smear-free finish, wipe away any excess water with a squeegee or micro-fibre cloth and ensure that there is no remaining water left on the surfaces.  

This cleaning process can be repeated on both the inside and outside of your windows, to make them sparkle from every angle.

Take care and repair

Particularly with old windows, you may start to find signs of paint cracking allowing moisture in, which can result in peeling and exposure of the wooden frame to the elements. In time this can result in rot, which if left untreated may mean that you need to replace the entire window frame. To avoid this, make sure you tackle any signs early on. If rot is present, then chisel it out and replace with a filler, before sanding down and repainting. JELD-WEN windows are guaranteed up to 40 years on rot and fungal attack.

Add a splash of colour


First and foremost, it’s important that you pick a paint that is designed for outdoor use. Although you may have found your dream shade in an interior emulsion, the reality is that the paint won’t be designed to stand up to wear and tear caused by weather, moisture and sun exposure – potentially causing rot and peeling paint.

Instead, choose a Hi-Build microporous paint that will provide long lasting protection from the elements. The good news is that there are a wide range of paint options available, so there is sure to be a shade perfect for you.

Opt for a Dark Red or Sapphire Blue for a statement look, or if you’re after a low-key colour with subtle interest, then go for Pebble Grey or Conservation Green. The joy of painting your windows is that you can be as creative or understated as you like, so don’t be afraid to try something new. If you are repairing a single window, then choose a paint that is the closest match to the windows across the rest of your property.

Before you paint your frames, make sure you remove any previous paint residue and sand the surface with both rough and fine-grit paper, ensuring you wipe down afterwards to remove any residue. For a clean finish, apply masking tape around the glazing panels and surrounding wall, as this will prevent any paint being applied to areas it doesn’t belong.



Well-maintained windows should last a number of years, however if you have discovered severe damage, then it may be cheaper in the long run to replace rather than repair. To ensure your windows stay protected, choose a fully finished or stained option that will give a superior finish. Selecting this option will not only increase the lifetime of your windows, but will also guarantee paint finish for up to 10 years – not only reducing decoration costs, but ensuring minimal ongoing maintenance too.

As well as providing an instant facelift for your home, installing new windows can also improve the energy efficiency of your property, so it’s worth looking into the different options available so you can make an informed decision.

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