How to create a flexible living space for all the family

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, or have lived there for a few years and are firmly settled, creating a feeling of space is likely to be among the top priorities when updating your interior.

You’ve probably already opted for smart storage, carefully sized furniture and strategically decorated walls to establish a feeling of openness in your living areas. But how can you create a truly practical space by opening up your home, without compromising on the warmth that divided rooms bring?

Offering true versatility, room divider folding doors allow you to have your cake and eat it – giving you the benefits of open plan living, while at the same time enabling you to divide rooms depending on how you choose to use them.

Whether you’re looking to free up party space to entertain friends and family this, or to increase visibility across rooms so you can keep an eye on your children as they play a room divider could be exactly what you need. There’s no need to make a compromise between open living and cosier, enclosed rooms – why not have it all?

Room Fold JELD-WEN

Across the home, continuity is key, so if you want your folding system to blend with the rest of your home, you can match it to the single doors across your house to give a co-ordinated look. But aside from unifying all of the doors across your home, your first step will be choosing a style that suits your home. Opt for doors with glass panels to allow light to pour in and illuminate your home, or if you want a more traditional and sturdy option then a panelled door could be the door for you, providing a cosier feel once closed.

So whether you want the ability to open up a dining room into living room, or a kitchen into a dining area, or anything in between – it really is possible to have the best of both worlds. Installing room dividers can allow you to tailor your space to how you like it, offering great flexibility at the same time.