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Choose made to measure windows for your property

Although there are many circumstances where standard windows can be a suitable solution, it’s always worth considering made to measure options too. Whether you live in a period property, with unusual shaped openings, or a modern home that has more reliable measurements, there are a number of benefits to selecting windows that are tailor-made for your house.

Perfect proportions


One of the major benefits of going made to measure is the ability to choose windows of any shape and size. If you are struggling to find a suitable replacement for an unusual shaped opening, then choosing a manufacturer that can make a custom replacement could be the perfect answer.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can create a unique focal point in any new structure that you are building. For example, if you are extending your home, consider incorporating bespoke triangular windows that will allow additional light to flood in and add to the architectural appeal of the property.


As well as ensuring a window fits perfectly, going made to measure gives you the opportunity to upgrade the specification – offering more flexibility and even allowing you to adhere to building requirements for any work that you may be planning.

Sliding Sash Windows

Many designs will enable you to select the operation of the window, for example with JELD-WEN’s Sliding Sash range you can upgrade to tilt options which are particularly practical for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is also possible to select an assisted spiral balance, making it easier to open and close the window.

Upgrading your windows is also a great opportunity to improve the thermal performance of your home. Moving from single to double glazing will make a big difference, however for the best performance, upgrade to triple glazed products that will give you the highest energy rating whilst also minimising noise.

In addition to this, you can personalise your windows with obscure glazing options for added privacy in bathrooms and any other areas that are exposed. 

Impress with finesse

 Dual Colour Timber Windows

The devil is in the detail, so if you’re looking to add an element of personalisation then made to measure windows will enable you to select finishing touches that not only match your taste, but also perfectly mirror the style of your home.

For a more striking look on the outside of your property and a neutral shade that blends with your décor on the inside, customise your windows with a dual colour finish. In addition to standard palettes, many manufacturers offer windows in any RAL colour too. A factory finished or stained window will also usually come with an increased guarantee, giving you confidence that it will stand the test of time.

Also consider upgrading your hardware with handles, catches and locks that complement your scheme. Polished chrome finishes work well in contemporary properties, whereas antique black and gold may be a better fit for period homes.

Tip: Made to measure for conservation areas

If you live in a conservation area or listed building, it is particularly important to consider the character of your property and what solutions will keep with the overall look. Oak windows have a traditional charm, so upgrading to this material is a great option for period properties.

Oak Windows

Personalising with bar designs will also allow you to create a truly distinctive look with that touch of authenticity. The overall design is an important consideration too, with sliding sash windows working particularly well in more traditional properties and casement windows a great all-rounder that can suit any property.

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Door cores – It’s what’s inside that counts

When it comes to door cores (the material that is contained within your doors), it’s easy to think ‘out of sight, out of mind’. However, the reality is that what is contained within your doors can make a huge difference to the acoustics in your home, as well as contributing to the overall durability and life expectancy of your door as a whole. If you’re unsure about the different options available and how they relate to your home and lifestyle, then bear in mind these considerations:


6 panel white internal door

Standard or hollow core doors are the most popular choice in many homes, as they have the benefit of not only being light and easy to move, but also more cost-effective than alternatives.

At only 35mm or 40mm thick, the core itself is often a multi-cell or spacer pad which contributes to the lightweight nature of the door. Due to their lower price, they are a great option for a quick update around the home, as numerous doors can be replaced to refresh your interior without a significant financial investment.


Although hollow core doors are a great solution for a quick and effective refurbishment, a downfall is that they don’t always provide the best sound insulation. For this reason, it’s worth thinking about the intended use of the room before you select a door, ensuring that it will meet your requirements from the offset. For example, is the room a home office where privacy is needed or a noisy laundry room? If so, it might be worth choosing a door with a middle or heavy weight core to keep sound at bay.


Doors with middle weight cores have on average an extra 2kg added to the overall weight of a 35mm or 40mm door, which can go a long way in reducing noise in adjacent rooms. A solid or heavy weight core which can weigh up to 45kg can however offer optimum acoustic performance, which will not only benefit you and those you share your home with, but may also provide an additional selling point if you ever decide to put your house on the market.


oak shaker cottage internal door

If your household has a low number of occupants and minimal through traffic then you may wish to consider a standard or hollow-core door. Although this type of door won’t provide you with the highest levels of durability, it is suitable for most applications.

However, a solid or heavy weight door core will deliver the greatest protection against damage and impact, reducing the need for any ongoing maintenance. A solid door also offers a general feeling of sturdiness and quality along with a more secure and satisfying clunk and click on closure.

When combined with a high-quality timber such as white oak or real wood veneer, heavyweight doors can also create a high-end and more luxurious finish. 


white internal cottage door

The good news is that no matter which door core you choose for your home, there are a wide selection of designs to choose from. This means that whether you opt for a hollow core door in one room or a solid door in another, you don’t need to compromise on style. Many ranges also offer synergy across different door types, which enables you to fit doors with an identical appearance throughout your whole home.

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Perfect Pairings Throughout Your Home

Double, or paired, doors are often seen as strictly for exterior use – leading into a garden or patio space – but they can also be the perfect solution for interior use too. Offering similar benefits to folding sliding room dividers, pairs can be just as affective when it comes to opening up your home.

Here, Chris Miller, Doors Product Manager at JELD-WEN, provides some advice on the benefits and practicalities of choosing interior paired doors.

Open House

There are many benefits to complete open plan living but it isn’t for everyone and there are some drawbacks – especially if you like to have a cosy, quiet space to relax, without being able to hear the rest of your household such as the washing machine whirring away, or if you want to keep warmth in your room more effectively during the colder months.


Opting for paired doors between key ground floor areas in your home – such as between the hall and living room, or kitchen and dining room – can create a sense of additional space when you want, all whilst having the flexibility to create privacy and close off the space at any time for the best of both worlds. You could even experiment with paired doors leading from a master bedroom space into dressing room to create a luxurious finish. Then simply divide the spaces up again by shutting both or just one door when appropriate – allowing your home to adapt and work around your changing needs and lifestyle.

Lighten Up

Depending on which way your house faces, sunlight entering the rooms from outside will vary at differing times each day and throughout the seasons. You can maximise this natural brightness coming in through the clever use of glazed panels, which will allow light to flood through from room to room. Glazed paired doors are ideal and will bring the sunlight into even in the smallest of rooms, such as the hallway or a small kitchen.


There are many options available when it comes to glazing, so think about choosing this option from our moulded glazed doors, white oak and primed doors with pair maker systems. For a minimalist look, why not choose a design where the glass covers almost the entire surface to maximise flow of light. If you would prefer the flexibility of open plan, but still want to create a sense of privacy there are also etched options available to suit every interior taste.

Character Building

When it comes to choosing paired doors that complement your property – whether ultra-modern, classic or somewhere in between – there are many solutions available in both a white oak and primed finish. The primed finish options can be decorated too once in situe, so if you have your heart set on a particular grey, or period tones such as sage green and cornflower blue, world is your oyster.


You can also customise your selection further with hardware and our pair makers, which sit flush between the doors to ensure a neat overall look and keep any draughts at bay. All our pair doors are available as a single door option, so you can ensure complete co-ordination throughout the home. To find out about more about our paired doors collection and see which combination would be perfect for your home, click here.

Open the door to new interior trends

January is upon us, which means not only a number of resolutions to make 2017 a positive year, but also a host of new interior trends to look out for.

Whether your home has a sleek and contemporary style with clean lines and muted tones, or is host to a more timeless, period feel, you can easily introduce a new design element by updating your interior doors. Here we have rounded up the door trends that should be on your radar.

Real wood


Real wood may be a material that has been used since time began, however aside from being extremely practical due to its durability, the appearance of a natural woodgrain can be a design feature in itself. With different wood types and finishes offering unique textures and colours, it’s easy to pick a real wood interior door that will seamlessly blend into any home. Opt for an oak door for a traditional look, or if you prefer a more modern style, real wood veneers (as pictured above) combine the appearance of a natural woodgrain with a contemporary edge.

Glass panels


Natural lighting is the ultimate interior feature and can transform a room instantly, which is why glass continues to be a key trend. Perfect for small rooms, or areas of the home that can feel enclosed such as hallways, glazed panels allow light to flood in and illuminate the space around. Larger glazing panels allow more light to flood in, however smaller glazing panels still create a feeling of space. For additional privacy, consider a frosted glazing panel, or opt for a design with choice – allowing you to select a glazed option for doors downstairs and a non-glazed equivalent for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Cool greys


(image: Pinterest)

A timeless tone, shades of grey suit interior doors perfectly, with darker hues making a statement and cooler greys setting the perfect accompaniment to a neutral design scheme. Where brighter colours can come in and out of fashion, grey remains a strong feature in 2017 interiors, meaning if you fit doors in this shade, you needn’t worry about painting or replacing them for years to come.

Indoor-outdoor living was big in 2016, creating additional living space by removing the barriers of walls between kitchen/dining space and patios. But this year, consider instead increasing flexibility inside your home by maximising the openings between different rooms. A feature that you can make the most of year-round, folding doors give you the best of both worlds – allowing you to enjoy separate, cosy rooms when you’re having a relaxing night in, whilst also offering potential for open-plan living. Simply fold the door away and watch the space transform.

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Beat blue Monday and brighten up your home

To beat those Post-Christmas blues, freshening up your home interior décor can be just the thing to ensure you go into the New Year feeling good. With today being Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year according to researchers – it’s time to start thinking positively about your home. To help you on your way, here are four top tips to revamp your home by painting or changing your existing interior doors… 

1.   Preparation


First, look at the condition of your current doors and decide if you need to do any touch ups to the surface with wood filler. If you are already happy with the door, then you can move straight onto sanding the entire surface before applying a wood or multi-surface primer. Once the primer has dried you may wish to go back over with sand paper and then apply another coat of primer for an extra smooth foundation. You can do all of this preparation work with the door still attached to the frame, or even better move to a dust free area and lay flat.

2.   Colour Selection


Once the prep work is done, you are ready to add a splash of colour. Before putting brush to door, think carefully as this is your opportunity to make a feature of the door in its own right, or perhaps choose a subtle complementary colour that will set your room off in just the right way. If you’re unsure of what will work best then cream, sand and ivory are understated neutrals that can add a warmth to your home. Or opt for a grey, which is a safe yet beautiful option.

3.   Painting the Door


Now the fun can begin and you can start to get your hands dirty and paint your interior doors. Typically, two coats of paint for doors are required with drying time between, but be sure to check your chosen paint type for instructions. Go for nice long and even brush strokes for a professional finish and don’t load your bush with too much paint, or the paint could go on unevenly. A mini roller suitable for gloss paint will also create a smooth end result.

4.   Treat Your Home

Newbridge Door

Perhaps your existing interior doors are very old, worn, or you would just like to treat yourself to something new and different. Interior doors – such as JELD-WEN’s new Moulded Newbridge range, which includes a range of designs and glazed options, are primed ready for you to decorate at home. Alternatively, woodgrain moulded doors are available with an option to be fully finished with one coat of undercoat paint and a top coat of gloss, so you can leave all the hard work to the professionals and have the beautiful door you’ve always dreamed of.

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Snuggle up behind a beautiful front door this Christmas

We all know that first impressions count and when it comes to the home, these begin at the front door. The entrance to your house is undoubtedly a defining feature that should embody the character and feel of the home, and people, behind the closed front door.

It’s the first thing that visitors, friends and family will come into contact with before they come inside. It’s something that everyone in the house will use and it sets the tone for the rest of your home. Just think of all the famous doors, from number 10 Downing Street to 221b Baker Street; they’re all doors with a story to tell and really set the scene for the people who live there.

With the Christmas festivities just around the corner it’s the perfect time to refresh your front door and find the right door for you. Not forgetting though that looks aren’t everything and there’s so much more to consider than just the style to keep your home warm and safe this winter.


This is likely to be your first thought and the good news is there’s a lot of different options to consider, particularly with timber doors, so you’re sure to find the front door to fit your property and personal style. You can go for a simple, understated style or add interest through glazing designs, interesting panel detail interesting panelling and even vibrant colour choices.


If you have a smaller hall or the front of your house doesn’t tend to receive a lot of sunlight, a door design featuring a glazing detail makes for an attractive choice. It will help to allow natural light to filter through and brighten up any dark corners inside and transforming the front of your property.  


It will also work to withstand all weathers on the outside while working to keep you warm on the inside, and every door option will vary in how it performs so don’t forget to look out for thermal performance indicators such as U values.


Safe and sound

The make-up of a front door will impact on the level of security it can provide and there’s various ways in which this can be improved to give you real peace of mind when locking up every day. Opting for doors that are certified under the police approved Secured by Design scheme, will give you complete peace of mind that your home is safe can sound this Christmas.  

Finishing touches

Once you’ve selected the door design for you, you can then choose whether to finish it in a way that matches your windows from the inside out and even your internal doors.

Dual colour finishes are a great option if you want to create an impact, when someone walks past your home or comes up to ring your bell, but need the door to blend more harmoniously into your interior décor.

And don’t forget about the hardware – choosing the right handle can really add the perfect finishing touch and is another detail that doors made from other materials can’t always offer.

How to create a flexible living space for all the family

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, or have lived there for a few years and are firmly settled, creating a feeling of space is likely to be among the top priorities when updating your interior.

You’ve probably already opted for smart storage, carefully sized furniture and strategically decorated walls to establish a feeling of openness in your living areas. But how can you create a truly practical space by opening up your home, without compromising on the warmth that divided rooms bring?

Offering true versatility, room divider folding doors allow you to have your cake and eat it – giving you the benefits of open plan living, while at the same time enabling you to divide rooms depending on how you choose to use them.

Whether you’re looking to free up party space to entertain friends and family this, or to increase visibility across rooms so you can keep an eye on your children as they play a room divider could be exactly what you need. There’s no need to make a compromise between open living and cosier, enclosed rooms – why not have it all?

Room Fold JELD-WEN

Across the home, continuity is key, so if you want your folding system to blend with the rest of your home, you can match it to the single doors across your house to give a co-ordinated look. But aside from unifying all of the doors across your home, your first step will be choosing a style that suits your home. Opt for doors with glass panels to allow light to pour in and illuminate your home, or if you want a more traditional and sturdy option then a panelled door could be the door for you, providing a cosier feel once closed.

So whether you want the ability to open up a dining room into living room, or a kitchen into a dining area, or anything in between – it really is possible to have the best of both worlds. Installing room dividers can allow you to tailor your space to how you like it, offering great flexibility at the same time.

Why refacing is the new renovating

While updating the interior of a building is often at the top of the list when undertaking a renovation project, the external appearance is often left much to be desired for. Although making changes to the outside of a building may seem like a large and daunting affair, updating the primary features such as external joinery can make a world of difference.

Exterior doors

As the gateway into your home and the first thing guests see, updating exterior doors can undoubtedly help make a great first impression and establish the look of your home. There are a range of styles and collections to choose from which give you unlimited potential. Exterior doors can create a classic or contemporary appearance depending on style and you can tailor your look further by choosing hardware to match your décor, or glazing for added light in the hallway.

INSULUX Burghley Timber Composite Doorset

Opt for classic timber materials such as white oak for a traditional look, or choose to paint a plain door in a bold colour to create a statement entrance. For the best of both worlds opt for doors that with a dual colour finish, enabling you to select a standout colour for the front of the door and a more neutral colour inside to suit your hallway décor.


Replacing the windows in a property can make a real difference to the light, ambience and feel of the interior space, with design and performance being vital considerations.

From traditional to contemporary, casement to slider and painted to stained, you’d be amazed at the range of options on offer, as well as the possibility for made to measure sizes. Once you’ve picked a style to suit, the wood finish and final touches will allow you to be creative.

Stormsure Casement Victorian Bar

The joy of timber is that it can be painted or stained in any colour, with the possibility of a dual colour finish making it easy to reflect the style of your home. Fully finished and factory glazed timber windows also save both time and money due to not having to be decorated, and in the long-term provide even more value thanks to greater guarantees with premium manufacturers offering up to 10 years paint finish guarantees – delivering true peace of mind.

For further customisation and a look that matches local styling, there are a number of different bar designs to choose from too. Single horizontal or deco bars are ideal for subtle detailing, whereas Victorian or cottage bars can add more personality.

Although easy to get carried away with style and design, remember that the operation of the window itself e.g. a hinged casement or slider, can also make all the difference to a home update.

Patio doorsets

Just adding a small patio doorset can transform a living or dining area and have an immediate effect on light, space and functionality. Even if space is restricted, patio doorsets can still be a possibility as there are many styles available to suit properties of all shapes and sizes, with made to measure options available to fit even the most awkward of openings.

For a smaller opening or window replacement, French patio doorsets are a great option and offer an understated and traditional look. To open the space further without adding another door, it’s possible to incorporate sidelights, which allow extra light to flood in.

Darwin French Patio Doorset

However, to truly merge indoor and outdoor living areas, folding sliding patio doorsets are an ideal solution, especially if there is a larger opening. They can be configured so that all the leaves fold all the way back, or with a single independent opening door for added ease of daily access.

Not only should style, strength and performance be a consideration, but the ability to choose a colour that blends perfectly with the exterior of a property should be too. 

How to update your home in an instant

When you have a new idea for your home, it’s hard not to get carried away isn’t it? You want to make a change there and then, and don’t really want to wait to turn your interior vision into a reality. Once the domain of qualified tradesmen and practical dads alone, DIY really is now something that anyone can dabble in – it just takes a bit of preparation first.

Why wait to update when there’s many tasks around the home that you can tackle yourself?

Whether you’ve lived in your house for many years or you are about to move into somewhere new, you’ll undoubtedly want to make your mark as soon as possible so it feels like home. One element that can make a huge difference to every room is your internal doors. They’re a key feature, so a dated design or doors that show the wear and tear of family life – can bring down the whole room. It used to be one of those jobs best left to a trained joiner, and therefore could be a bit more involved and cost quite a bit when adding up all the doors you need.

But no longer!

If you want to spruce up your home in just a few hours, new internal doors are just the ticket. And with an EASY FIT door kit from JELD-WEN you’ll have everything you need to get going.

Whereas hanging a new door would typically mean ripping out the old frame and starting again, with EASY FIT there’s no need, you simply install it straight in the existing door opening. And what’s more, there’s no chiselling or planing to be done as all parts are supplied pre-machined ready to be secured in place. EASY FIT makes it, well, easy!

It doesn’t matter if you’re more a hapless harry rather than a Handy Andy, we promise these kits will walk you through the process and give you everything you need to hang a new door yourself. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at our handy step-by-step video.

Suitable for most standard sized door openings, there are two kit options available to suit opening widths of between 683-695mm and 759-771mm, both for an opening height of between 1988-1996mm.

You can be sure to find a door to fit your personal style too, with six different moulded door design options. Opt for the four or six panel doors for a traditional look, choose the appealing Cottage door kit for a touch of charm or, to let the light flow through from room to room, select one of the glazed door options.

Pre-painted in a crisp white finish, you’re new door will be good to go as soon as it’s hung – just don’t forget to pick up handles to suit your desired look. The difference it makes to how your whole space feels will probably make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

So, rather than tracking down and paying for a tradesman to complete the task, why not open the door of opportunity and update your doors yourself this weekend? 

To buy your EASY FIT door kit, visit your local B&Q store or order online at