Month: December 2016

Snuggle up behind a beautiful front door this Christmas

We all know that first impressions count and when it comes to the home, these begin at the front door. The entrance to your house is undoubtedly a defining feature that should embody the character and feel of the home, and people, behind the closed front door.

It’s the first thing that visitors, friends and family will come into contact with before they come inside. It’s something that everyone in the house will use and it sets the tone for the rest of your home. Just think of all the famous doors, from number 10 Downing Street to 221b Baker Street; they’re all doors with a story to tell and really set the scene for the people who live there.

With the Christmas festivities just around the corner it’s the perfect time to refresh your front door and find the right door for you. Not forgetting though that looks aren’t everything and there’s so much more to consider than just the style to keep your home warm and safe this winter.


This is likely to be your first thought and the good news is there’s a lot of different options to consider, particularly with timber doors, so you’re sure to find the front door to fit your property and personal style. You can go for a simple, understated style or add interest through glazing designs, interesting panel detail interesting panelling and even vibrant colour choices.


If you have a smaller hall or the front of your house doesn’t tend to receive a lot of sunlight, a door design featuring a glazing detail makes for an attractive choice. It will help to allow natural light to filter through and brighten up any dark corners inside and transforming the front of your property.  


It will also work to withstand all weathers on the outside while working to keep you warm on the inside, and every door option will vary in how it performs so don’t forget to look out for thermal performance indicators such as U values.


Safe and sound

The make-up of a front door will impact on the level of security it can provide and there’s various ways in which this can be improved to give you real peace of mind when locking up every day. Opting for doors that are certified under the police approved Secured by Design scheme, will give you complete peace of mind that your home is safe can sound this Christmas.  

Finishing touches

Once you’ve selected the door design for you, you can then choose whether to finish it in a way that matches your windows from the inside out and even your internal doors.

Dual colour finishes are a great option if you want to create an impact, when someone walks past your home or comes up to ring your bell, but need the door to blend more harmoniously into your interior décor.

And don’t forget about the hardware – choosing the right handle can really add the perfect finishing touch and is another detail that doors made from other materials can’t always offer.

How to create a flexible living space for all the family

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, or have lived there for a few years and are firmly settled, creating a feeling of space is likely to be among the top priorities when updating your interior.

You’ve probably already opted for smart storage, carefully sized furniture and strategically decorated walls to establish a feeling of openness in your living areas. But how can you create a truly practical space by opening up your home, without compromising on the warmth that divided rooms bring?

Offering true versatility, room divider folding doors allow you to have your cake and eat it – giving you the benefits of open plan living, while at the same time enabling you to divide rooms depending on how you choose to use them.

Whether you’re looking to free up party space to entertain friends and family this, or to increase visibility across rooms so you can keep an eye on your children as they play a room divider could be exactly what you need. There’s no need to make a compromise between open living and cosier, enclosed rooms – why not have it all?

Room Fold JELD-WEN

Across the home, continuity is key, so if you want your folding system to blend with the rest of your home, you can match it to the single doors across your house to give a co-ordinated look. But aside from unifying all of the doors across your home, your first step will be choosing a style that suits your home. Opt for doors with glass panels to allow light to pour in and illuminate your home, or if you want a more traditional and sturdy option then a panelled door could be the door for you, providing a cosier feel once closed.

So whether you want the ability to open up a dining room into living room, or a kitchen into a dining area, or anything in between – it really is possible to have the best of both worlds. Installing room dividers can allow you to tailor your space to how you like it, offering great flexibility at the same time.

Competition winners get a taste of Antarctica with penguin experience

After winning our competition run in collaboration with House Beautiful Magazine, a mother and daughter from Stourbridge chose to visit Chester Zoo to enjoy their prize – an exclusive penguin feeding experience.

Emma Wright and animal loving daughter, Abbie, visited the zoo in November and thanks to JELD-WEN, were able to get up close with the fantastic birds by entering the penguin enclosure, before helping to prepare food and feed them.

Emma commented: “The experience was absolutely fabulous and we had such a lovely, action-packed day at the zoo. Abbie loves animals, so it was the perfect treat for her as she got to see creatures of all shapes and sizes.

JELD-WEN House Beautiful Competition Winner

“The cherry on the cake was obviously the penguin experience and the informative keepers were brilliant at giving us background information on everything that they were doing, as well as getting us involved at every step along the way. This meant we assisted in food preparation and were even able to throw the fish out as far as possible, making sure that every penguin was able to have a fish lunch. We both had a fantastic time and Abbie has been talking about it ever since!”

JELD-WEN ran the competition to celebrate the launch of the Stormsure Energy+ timber window campaign. Made in the UK, the Stormsure Energy+ timber window range is triple-glazed and has an A+ energy rating, to offer premium performance and optimum energy efficiency – keeping your energy bills down and your home warm.

JELD-WEN House Beautiful Competition Winner

The enduring performance of these timber windows means they are tough enough to withstand any environment and are relied upon all over the world, including Port Lockroy in the Antarctic Peninsula. You could feel just as at home in the Antarctic as the penguins that live there, thanks to the warm and comfort created by our Stormsure Energy+ timber window range.

Explore JELD-Wen’s triple glazed timber windows range here. For further information about the penguin experience, visit